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glock 42 extended mag


This U.S.A made ProMag Glock 42 magazine is constructed of a proprietary Dupont Zytel derived high impact polymer, with a steel insert for added rigidity to the feed lips. The result is quality, reliability, and consistency.

Product Information

Cartridge 380 ACP
Color Black
Material Polymer
Compatible With Glock 42
Compatible With

Glock 42 Extended Mag: Boost Your Firepower and Confidence

Are you a proud owner of a Glock 42 and looking to enhance its firepower? Look no further than the Glock 42 Extended Mag. Designed to meet the needs of discerning shooters like you, this magazine upgrade is a game-changer. With its superior capacity and reliable performance. The Glock 42 Extended Mag is a must-have accessory for anyone seeking to optimize their shooting experience.

Enhanced Capacity for Extended Firepower(glock. 42 extended. mag

The Glock 42 Extended Mag engineered to provide you with increased ammunition capacity without compromising on reliability. Also, This extended magazine boasts a generous capacity of rounds. Allowing you to have more shots at your disposal before needing to reload. Whether you’re engaged in competitive shooting, self-defense, or simply enjoying a day at the range, the extended capacity of this mag will give you the confidence to stay in control and take on any challenge.

Unrivaled Performance and Durability

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Glock 42 Extended Mag built to withstand rigorous use and perform flawlessly in any condition. Made from high-quality materials. Also, This magazine is designed to endure the demands of intense shooting sessions without compromising its structural integrity. More so, The durable construction ensures smooth and reliable feeding, minimizing the chances of malfunctions and maximizing your shooting experience.

Ergonomic Design for Optimal Handling

The Glock. 42 Extended. Mag features an ergonomic design that enhances your grip and control, making it easier to handle during rapid fire or stressful situations. The extended baseplate offers a comfortable grip extension, allowing you to maintain a firm hold on your pistol and improving your overall shooting accuracy. More so, With its sleek and streamlined profile, this magazine seamlessly integrates with your Glock 42, ensuring a natural shooting experience.

Easy to Install and Maintain

More so, Installing the Glock. 42 Extended. Mag is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Simply insert the magazine into your Glock 42 and it securely locks into place, ready to deliver increased firepower. Additionally, cleaning and maintaining the extended mag is hassle-free, ensuring that you can spend more time shooting and less time on maintenance tasks.

Invest in Your Shooting Performance

Also, The Glock.. 42 Extended. Mag is the perfect accessory to take your Glock. 42 to the next level. With its enhanced capacity, reliable performance, ergonomic design, and easy installation, this magazine upgrade will boost your shooting confidence and allow you to excel in any shooting scenario. Don’t settle for mediocrity; invest in the Glock. 42 Extended Mag and unlock the true potential of your Glock. 42.

glock 42 extended magglock 42 extended mag


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