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Walther P22 .22 L.R. CA Nickel 10 Round, 2 Mags


Features low profile three-dot polymer sights, loaded chamber indicator, front and rear slide serrations. External slide stop, three safeties, paddle-style ambidextrous magazine release lever. Double/single action trigger with 11 pound pull for double action and 4 pound pull for single action. Ergonomic Walther grip, checkered trigger guard and picatinny accessory rail.

Retail Price : 350.00
Barrel Length : 3.4
Description : Model P22 .22LR 3.4 Inch Barrel Nickel Finish Picatinny Rail 10 Round CA Compliant
Hand Gun Web Model : Model P22
Caliber : .22 LR
Tactica : Tactical
Catalog Vendor Name : WALTHER ARMS
Capacity : 10
Finish : Nickel
Barrel Length Range : 3″<4″
Caliber-Gauge : .22 LONG RIFLE

The Ultimate Guide to the Walther P22 .22 L.R. CA Nickel 10 Round, 2 Mags

The Walther P22 .22 L.R. CA Nickel 10 Round, 2 Mags is a testament to Walther’s commitment to excellence in firearm design. This compact and reliable pistol has gained popularity for its versatile applications. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, this guide explores the nuances and advantages that make the Walther a standout choice.

The History of the Walther P22

Delve into the evolution of the Walther, tracing its roots and design changes over the years. From its initial release to the latest innovations, understanding the history provides valuable insights into the firearm’s reliability and performance.

Key Features

The allure of the Walther P22 lies in its functionality and the meticulous nickel finish. Explore this unique feature’s aesthetic and practical aspects, showcasing the attention to detail that defines Walther’s craftsmanship.

Benefits and Advantages

Experience counts, and the Walther boasts a track record of reliability and accuracy. Discover the benefits and advantages of this firearm, making it a favourite among gun enthusiasts.

User Experience

Real-world testimonials and reviews provide a glimpse into the user experience. Learn from those who have handled the Walther P22, gaining valuable insights beyond technical specifications.

Understanding the .22 L.R. Ammunition

Compatibility is critical, and understanding the dynamics of the .22 L.R. ammunition enhances your appreciation for the Walther P22’s performance. Dive into the details of why this ammunition is a perfect match.

Magazine Capacity and Reloading

Unlock the secrets behind the 10-round magazine, a defining feature of the Walther P22. Gain practical knowledge on reloading techniques and the advantages this magazine’s capacity offers.

Accessories and Add-ons

Customization options abound for the Walther. Explore the various accessories and add-ons available, allowing you to tailor the firearm to your preferences.

Maintenance Tips

Preserving the longevity and performance of your Walther P22 requires proper maintenance. Discover effective cleaning and care recommendations to ensure your firearm remains in optimal condition.

Shooting Range Performance

Take the Walther to the shooting range and experience its target accuracy and exceptional handling. Uncover the nuances of its performance that make it a standout choice for recreational and competitive shooting.

Comparison with Other Models

Contrast the features of the Walther P22 with other models in its class. Identify the unique selling points that make this firearm a top choice for discerning gun owners.

Legal Considerations

For California residents, compliance with regulations is paramount. Understand how the Walther P22 aligns with legal considerations, ensuring a seamless ownership experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Walther P22 suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. “Its small size and easy-to-use characteristics make it” an ideal choice for those new to firearms.

What sets the Nickel finish apart?

The Nickel finish enhances aesthetics and provides durability and corrosion resistance.

Can I use alternative ammunition?

While .22 L.R. is recommended, the Walther is designed to handle various ammunition types with proper consideration.

How often should I clean my Walther P22?

Regular cleaning after each use is advisable to maintain optimal performance and longevity.

Are there aftermarket magazines available?

Yes, various manufacturers offer compatible magazines, providing additional options for users.

Is the Walther P22 suitable for concealed carry?

“Its small size and consistent performance make it a dependable choice.” It is a viable option for concealed carry, subject to local regulations.


In conclusion, the Walther P22 .22 L.R. CA Nickel 10 Round, 2 Mags is a versatile and reliable firearm. From its rich history to user experiences and legal considerations, this guide empowers you with comprehensive insights.” Improve your shooting experience by making an informed decision.” with the Walther.

p22 walther/walther p22 magazine/accessories for walther p22
p22 walther/walther p22 magazine/accessories for walther p22
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