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Charles Daly N4S Bullpup 12 Ga, 18.5″ Barrel, 3″, Black, Front/Rear Flip Up Sights, 5rd


The Charles Daly Defense N4S Bullpup shotgun features a 18.50″ barrel with a modified Beretta/Benelli MobilChoke, chambered in 3″. It has front and rear flip up sights and comes with a 5rd magazine.

  • Accessories : 1 Mag
  • Action : Semi-automatic
  • Barrel Length : 18.5″
  • Caliber : 12 Gauge 3″
  • Capacity : 5Rd
  • Chamber : 3″
  • Chokes : 1 Choke Tube
  • Color : Black
  • Manufacturer Part # : 930.318
  • Model : N4S
  • Sights : Front/Rear Flip Sights
  • Subcategory : Defensive Shotguns
  • Subcategory : Sporting Shotguns
  • Type : Bullpup

Bullpup Shotgun Accessories/Charles Daly N4S Bullpup 12 Ga, 18.5″ Barrel, 3″, Black, Front/Rear Flip Up Sights, 5th: Unleashing the Potential

Welcome to unparalleled shotgun performance with the Charles Daly N4S Bullpup. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the realm of bullpup shotgun accessories, ensuring you make the most of your Charles Daly N4S 12 Ga, 18.5″ Barrel, 3″, Black, equipped with Front/Rear Flip Up Sights and a 5th capacity. Let’s embark on a journey to optimize and elevate your shooting experience.

Unlocking the Potential: Bullpup Shotgun Accessories

Understanding Bullpup Shotguns

Unveiling the essence of bullpup design, witness a compact and maneuverable firearm. The bullpup shotgun design places the action behind the trigger, allowing for a shorter overall length without compromising barrel length. Dive into the advantages and unique features of this innovative design.

Charles Daly N4S: A Brief Overview

Discover the exceptional features of the Charles Daly N4S Bullpup. From its 18.5″ barrel to the 5th magazine capacity, this shotgun combines power and agility. Explore the sleek black finish and the added advantage of Front/Rear Flip Up Sights for enhanced accuracy.

Optimal Shooting: Sighting Systems

Enhance your aim with cutting-edge sighting systems. Find the perfect accessory to complement the Front/Rear flip-up sights on the Charles Daly N4S, from holographic sights to red dot scopes. Dive into our expert recommendations for a seamless shooting experience.

Tactical Lights and Lasers: Illuminating Precision

Unleash the power of tactical lights and lasers for improved visibility in various shooting conditions. Elevate your tactical advantage with accessories designed to illuminate your path and increase accuracy, ensuring you’re always on target.

Customization: Stocks and Grips

Personalize your Charles Daly N4S with ergonomic stocks and grips. Understand the impact of customization on comfort and control, allowing you to tailor the shotgun to your unique preferences. Unlock the full potential of your firearm through thoughtful accessory selection.

Ammunition Matters: Exploring Options

Delve into the world of ammunition compatibility. Learn about the optimal rounds for your Charles Daly N4S, considering factors such as gauge, length, and shot type. Make informed choices for a superior shooting experience.

Maintenance and Care: Prolonging Firearm Life

Ensure the longevity of your Charles Daly N4S by following expert tips on maintenance and care. From cleaning routines to storage practices, discover how to keep your bullpup shotgun in prime condition for years.

FAQs: Answering Your Queries

Are bullpup shotguns suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The compact design of bullpup shotguns, including the Charles Daly N4S, provides ease of handling for beginners without compromising on firepower.

How do Front/Rear Flip Up Sights enhance accuracy?

These sights offer quick target acquisition and improved sight picture, enhancing accuracy by providing a clear line of sight in various shooting scenarios.

Can I use slugs with the Charles Daly N4S?

Certainly! The Charles Daly N4S is versatile and compatible with slugs, providing flexibility in ammunition choice for different shooting applications.

Are there aftermarket accessories for the Charles Daly N4S?

Yes, many aftermarket accessories, from extended magazines to custom grips, are available to personalize and optimize your Charles Daly N4S according to your preferences.

What is the optimal cleaning routine for a bullpup shotgun?

Regular cleaning with a bore snake and solvent, focusing on the action and Barrel, ensures optimal performance. Consult the user manual for specific guidelines.

Can I mount a scope on the Charles Daly N4S?

Certainly! The bullpup design allows for easy mounting of scopes. Choose a scope that suits your shooting preferences for an enhanced aiming experience.


In conclusion, the world of bullpup shotgun accessories for the Charles Daly N4S Bullpup 12 Ga, 18.5″ Barrel, 3″, Black, Front/Rear Flip Up Sights, 5th is vast and exciting. Elevate your shooting experience by exploring the diverse range of accessories discussed in this guide. Unleash the full potential of your Charles Daly N4S, combining innovation, customization, and expert recommendations.

bullpup shotgun accessories/Charles Daly N4S Bullpup 12 Ga,
bullpup shotgun accessories/Charles Daly N4S Bullpup 12 Ga,
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