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  • M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver finished in Tropical Splash Cerakote. Upper receiver is assembled and includes the forward assist, dust cover and barrel nut.
  • 15″ Enhanced Gen 2 M-LOK Handguard finished in Tropical Splash Cerakote
  • M4E1 Lower Receiver finished in Tropical Splash Cerakote

These September 2023 Builder Sets are available in the following configurations:

  • M4E1 (AR15) 10.7″ Enhanced Handguard
  • M4E1 (AR15) 15″ Enhanced Handguard
  • M4E1 (AR15) 10.3″ ATLAS S-ONE Threaded
  • M4E1 (AR15) 15″ ATLAS S-ONE Threaded
  • M4E1 (AR15) 10.3″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded
  • M4E1 (AR15) 12.7″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded
  • M4E1 (AR15) 15″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded
  • M5E1 (.308) 15″ Enhanced Handguard
  • M5 (.308) 15″ ATLAS S-ONE Threaded
  • M5 (.308) 15″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded

Furniture Sets are available in the following configurations:

  • Magpul MOE Grip & SL Stock
  • Magpul MOE Grip & SL-S Stock
  • Magpul MOE Grip & PRS GEN3 Stock

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One of the most common questions among AR-15 enthusiasts is, “How much is an Aero Precision. AR-15?” At, we believe in transparency and fair pricing. The cost of an Aero Precision. AR-15 can vary depending on factors like model, features, and accessories. To find the perfect rifle within your budget, explore our extensive selection, where you’ll find competitive prices and exclusive deals.

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What is an Aero Precision AR-15?

For those new to the world of AR-15 rifles, you may be wondering, “What is an Aero Precision AR-15?” Aero Precision is a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality AR-15 components and rifles. Their AR-15s known for their precision engineering and durability, making them a top choice among firearm enthusiasts. Aero Precision. AR-15s designed for performance and reliability, whether for competitive shooting, home defense, or sporting purposes.

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Conclusion: is your trusted partner in the search for the perfect Aero Precision. AR-15 rifle. With a commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. We strive to be your one-stop destination for all things AR-15. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a newcomer to the world of firearms, our user-friendly platform makes it easy to find the ideal Aero Precision. AR-15 to meet your needs. Explore our extensive selection today and discover the world of precision, reliability, and craftsmanship that Aero Precision. AR-15 rifles have to offer.

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