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Standard Manufacturing Switch Gun Pistol – Black | .22 Mag | 5rd |



The revolutionary new SWITCH GUN is the latest advancement in personal protection from Standard Manufacturing. The SWITCH GUN fits into your pocket and occupies about the same amount of space as your cell phone. When in the folded position, the grip of the SWITCHGUN completely encapsulates the trigger to prevent any type of accidental discharge. Upon depressing a button the SWITCHGUN immediately springs open as is ready for the immediate and reliable discharge of five .22 Magnum cartridges. When not in use, the SWITCHGUN can be folded into a very small form factor and stored in your pocket to conceal. Unlike any of it’s competitors, the SWITCHGUN features a large handle to provide a tremendous amount of grip similar to a full-sized revolver which provides the highest degree of control and accuracy.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Frame and Barrel: CNC Machined Stainless Steel Action: Single Action Folding Revolver Barrel Length: .88” Grip: Large Polymer Weight: 9 Ounces, Loaded Dimensions: 2.125” x 3.75” x .75” Folded

Understanding Switch Guns

Switch guns, also known as gun switches or switch-on-a-gun devices, are innovative tools that have revolutionized the world of firearms. At, we pride ourselves on being the most trusted platform for all your switch gun needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into what switch guns are, how they work, their applications, and their pricing.

What Is a Switch Gun?

A switch gun is a specialized firearm accessory designed to enhance the versatility and functionality of your firearm. It typically consists of a switch or lever mechanism that allows the shooter to quickly and seamlessly change between different firing modes or configurations. These modes can include switching between semi-automatic and fully automatic fire, changing the caliber of the firearm, or altering the firearm’s configuration for specific purposes.

Switch guns are particularly popular among firearm enthusiasts, competitive shooters, and professionals who require quick adaptability in various shooting scenarios. They offer a significant advantage in terms of control and precision, making them a valuable addition to any firearm arsenal.

How Do Switch Guns Work?

Switch guns operate on the principle of modularity and customization. They designed to be compatible with a wide range of firearms, allowing users to adapt their weapons to meet specific requirements. The core mechanism of a switch gun typically involves a switch or lever that, when activated, changes the firearm’s configuration.

For example, a switch gun might enable a semi-automatic pistol to switch to fully automatic fire mode with a simple flick of the switch. This rapid transformation can be crucial in tactical situations where rapid-fire capability is needed.

Switch guns are engineered with safety in mind, often featuring robust locking mechanisms and safeguards to prevent accidental activations. They are also manufactured to meet strict quality and safety standards to ensure reliable performance.

Applications of Switch Guns

Switch guns have a wide range of applications across various sectors, including:

  1. Military and Law Enforcement: Switch guns commonly used by military and law enforcement agencies, providing them with the flexibility to adapt to different combat scenarios swiftly. They are particularly useful in close-quarter combat situations where rapid-fire capability is crucial.
  2. Competitive Shooting: Competitive shooters often utilize switch guns in shooting sports such as 3-gun competitions. The ability to switch between firing modes and configurations quickly can give competitors an edge in terms of speed and accuracy.
  3. Self-Defense: For civilian firearm owners, switch guns offer an added layer of protection by allowing them to switch their firearms to more suitable configurations for self-defense purposes.
  4. Hunting: Some switch guns designed for hunting applications, enabling hunters to change the caliber of their firearm to match the game they are pursuing.

How Much Are Switch Guns?

The pricing of switch guns can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of firearm they designed for, the complexity of the switch mechanism, and the brand. At, we offer a diverse range of switch guns to cater to various budgets and preferences.

Basic switch gun models for pistols and rifles can start at around $200 to $500. More advanced and specialized switch guns, especially those designed for military or law enforcement use, can cost upwards of $1,000 to $2,000 or more.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the investment in a switch gun not only enhances your firearm’s capabilities.  Also ensures your safety and performance in various shooting scenarios.

Conclusion: Your Trusted Source for Switch Guns

At, we understand the importance of having access to the most reliable and high-quality switch guns on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a firearm enthusiast looking to enhance your collection. We are your go-to destination for all things related to switch guns.

More so, Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction makes us the most trusted platform for finding switch guns. Explore our extensive selection, learn more about switch guns, and make the informed choice that best suits your needs. Experience the innovation and versatility of switch guns today with

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