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GLOCK 42 Semi-Auto Pistol


The GLOCK® 42 Semi-Auto Pistol is a slim, subcompact semi-auto pistol designed specifically for concealed carry. Made with the same materials and quality control as all GLOCK semi-automatic pistols, the G42 is a carry gun you can count on at the moment of truth. Internally, the GLOCK 42 employs the same striker, short-recoil operated, and locked-breech barrel as the larger framed GLOCK pistols, and uses a dual recoil spring assembly as the Gen4 pistols. The Safe-Action trigger system makes shooting in stressed situations infallible. The rough textured polymer grip provides a solid hold, and while quite concealable, it offers shooters enough surface area for ultimate control. The white-dot front sight and the white-bracket rear sight provide rapid acquisition in dim lighting situations. The length, shape, finger rest, and size of the trigger opening are the same as the larger pistols, and the trigger is same size and shape as the smooth-faced triggers used on the Gen4 pistols, making them all familiar to those who already use GLOCK pistols. The GLOCK 42 Semi-Auto Pistol is a reliable, easy to maintain firearm that’s perfect for everyday carry. The G42 comes with 2 ultra-reliable single-stack 6-round magazines.

  • Slim, subcompact for concealed carry
  • Same internal mechanism as larger GLOCKs
  • Dual recoil spring assembly
  • Safe-Action trigger system
  • Rough grip texturing
  • Drift adjustable rear sight
  • Comes with 2 magazines

GLOCK 42 Semi-Auto Pistol

The GLOCK 42 Semi-Auto Pistol is a reliable and compact pistol that is perfect for concealed carry. The pistol  designed with advanced features that make it easy to use and incredibly accurate.

Features of GLOCK 42 Semi-Auto Pistol

The GLOCK 42 Semi-Auto Pistol is designed with a 3.25-inch barrel that is made from high-quality steel. The barrel is coated with a Tenifer finish, which provides protection against corrosion and wear. The pistol also features a polymer frame that is lightweight and durable.

One of the standout features of the GLOCK 42 is its trigger system. The pistol  designed with a Safe Action trigger that prevents accidental discharge. The trigger system is also incredibly smooth, making it easy to shoot accurately.

Another key feature of the GLOCK 42 is its magazine capacity. The pistol can hold up to six rounds of .380 ACP ammunition, which is more than enough for most self-defense situations. The magazine release is also easy to use, allowing for quick and easy reloads.

Performance of GLOCK 42. Semi-Auto Pistol

The GLOCK. 42. Semi-Auto Pistol  designed for performance. The pistol is incredibly accurate, thanks to its fixed sights and smooth trigger system. The compact size of the pistol also makes it easy to handle and maneuver, even in tight spaces.

The pistol is also incredibly reliable. GLOCK  known for producing some of the most reliable firearms on the market, and the GLOCK. 42 is no exception. The pistol  designed to function flawlessly, even in adverse conditions.


Also, If you are looking for a compact and reliable pistol for concealed carry, the GLOCK. 42. Semi-Auto Pistol is an excellent choice. The pistol  designed with advanced features that make it easy to use and incredibly accurate. It is also incredibly reliable, making it a great choice for self-defense situations. Discover the reliability and performance of the GLOCK. 42. Semi-Auto Pistol. Compact and easy to carry, perfect for concealed carry.



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